2022 Connect with South East Asia 2.0 ( Gender & Sexuality ):Residency Onsite & Online Presentation Day 東南亞性別網絡 2.0 - 虛實駐村

Thinkers' Studio 思劇團

場地:  雲劇場台灣Cloudtheatre Taiwan

日期27 June (Mon)、28 June (Tue)

時間19:00 (GMT+8)

語言英文, 中文






Duration: 120 mins

Connect with SEA (Gender & Sexuality): Residency Onsite & Online is a project organised by Thinkers’ Studio (Taiwan) and co-organized with Dance Nucleus (Singapore), Pineapple Lab (Philippines). It aims to start the conversation of gender & Sexuality issues in society by building a platform to support the younger generation of artists who focus on Gender & Sexuality creations or research, by gathering a group of artists to develop or adapt ideas and collaborate internationally and also to find the similarity of gender issue artists from three different countries working closely in Southeast Asia. The second year of the project also hopes to further deepen the creative network among SEA and by gathering creative support and administration resources from the co-organized.




Jun 2022

7:00PM (GMT+8)

索票請按此 Free admission with tickets



Jun 2022

7:00PM (GMT+8)

索票請按此 Free admission with tickets


2022 Connect with South East Asia 2.0 ( Gender & Sexuality ):Residency Onsite & Online Presentation Day

ORGANIZER: Thinkers’ Studio 


Thinkers’ Studio was founded in 2013 and based in “Thinkers’ Theatre” where we consider as a creative art space in Dadaocheng (Tua-Tiu-Tiann), Taipei. In here, we not only run the space of “Thinkers’ Theatre”, but also uphold the daring spirit of Thinkers’ Studio in order to gather various artists and practitioners to think, talk, exchange ideas and come up with many creative sparks.


Regarding ourselves as a private sector and platform, our team consists of professional arts administrators who strive to create the possibilities of cooperation between performing arts and interdisciplinarity. We value our dedication in local arts projects and the gatherings of varied creativities and resources from the domestic and the international. In recent years, we also focus on running the art space, accompanning young artists to create, organizing arts festivals and connecting international art scenes. In 2015, together with other local sectors in Dadaocheng, we founded and organized an independant festival - Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts


CO-ORGANIZER: Dance Nucleus

Dance Nucleus is a centre for practice-based research, creative development and knowledge production for independent / contemporary performance.  


Dance Nucleus fosters a culture of critical discourse, self-education, artistic exchange and practical support. Our programmes are designed to respond to the needs of our members in a comprehensive way. We build partnerships in Singapore, Southeast Asia, Asia & Australia, and internationally. 


Dance Nucleus is an initiative of the National Arts Council of Singapore.


CO-ORGANIZER: Pineapple Lab 


Pineapple Lab dedicated to finding innovative ways to showcase the works of Filipino art makers, international artists and collaborators. It was previously located in Barangay Poblacion in Makati City and is currently headquartered in Escolta, Manila, one of the city’s oldest historic districts.


​Since 2015, Pineapple Lab has produced original programming designed to challenge artists' processes and engage audiences in meaningful discourse. It has collaborated with local and international cultural organizations to highlight dynamic art practices by Filipinos for local audiences.


​The Lab continues to provide a platform for emerging artists and creatives from the LGBTQIA+ community at the First United Building along with the HUB | Make Lab and 98B COLLABoratory.


Project Core Team

Project Director: KAO Yi Kai

Project Co-Director: Daniel KOK, Andrei Nikolai PAMINTUAN

Project Manager: LEE Tsz Wai Vivien

International Development: Jenru WANG

Artists Administration Assistants: Carla Isabela Gabrielle L.CAMPOMANES, Dapheny CHEN,  TOH Yiling Pat, YU Li Hung

Administrators: SU Chao Huang

Technical Manager: WU Yun Winnie

Marketing Manager: PAN Tzu Wen

Graphic Designer: Robert LIN

Web Designer: Calvin HSIEH

Photographer: CHIOU Chuei Jen

Translator: CHUNG Chin Liang

Project Manager Assistant: Natnaree RIEWPAIBOON

Artists: Ayu Permata SARI, CHIEN Shih Han, Hasyimah HARITH, LI Wen Hao, LIN Yi Ching, Jared Jonathan LUNA, Jodinand AGUILLON, YANG Zhi Xiang

Facilitators: Andrei Nikolai PAMINTUAN, Carla Isabela Gabrielle L.CAMPOMANES, CHANG Kang Hua, CHONG Gua Khee, TIEN Hsiao Tzu, WANG Ning

Observers: Albert GARCIA, HSUEH Tzu Chieh, LIU Oi Ki

Organizer: Thinkers' Studio

Co-organizer: Dance Nucleus, Pineapple Lab

Cooperation:CloudTheatre Taiwan

Adviser: Ministry of Culture of Taiwan


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