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Duration: 1 hour

The Dancebox series is an ongoing project that has been run in partnership by MyDance Alliance and The Actors Studio since 2001. It is an informal performance platform which presents short works of Malaysian dance.




May 2021

8:30PM (GMT+8)



May 2021

8:30PM (GMT+8)



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The Dancebox series is an ongoing project that has been run in partnership by MyDance Alliance and The Actors Studio since 2001. It is an informal performance platform which presents short works of Malaysian dance.

Strategic Partner: CENDANA Malaysia, the Cultural Economy Development Agency. #CENDANAMalaysia

This time we have 8 new short works by dancers from Malaysia, 7 of them were filmed at The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre Pentas 2.

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1. Birth

Heaven and earth, begins with Her:
All life flows, unendingly.

choreographer photo

Matt Tan

Matt Tan is the Artistic Director of WUXU Dance Troupe. He started learning dancing at a young age and has profound background in Chinese classical dance, ballet and contemporary dance. He had worked with Asia Musical Production (2012-2016) and was nominated as Best Featured Dancer at The BOH Cameronian Arts Awards in 2016. His works such as 《塞北的雪》,《源·滴·湧·潮》,《回首》,《鄉間物語》had won several rewards in the National Chinese Dance Competition Malaysia from 2012 till 2014. In 2016, 《奼紫嫣紅》 obtained First-Runner Up and the Best Choreography award and in the following year, 《芳心花語》was awarded Champion and the Best Choreography award. His piece "Friend" had won the Gold Award at the 8th National Chinese Cultural Dance Open Competition (year) and had competed at the Bauhinia Cup Dance Championships (year) in Hong Kong. He actively choreographed contemporary dances and Chinese dances which were featured in Festival of Dance VII, Penang Festival 2018, Dancebox 2018 and Dancebox Festival 2019. In 2018, he founded WUXU Dance Troupe and opened Art Room Studio in 2020.

Ong Jee Teng

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2. Dreams

Is what you want real?
Or are you simply chasing the dream that society wants you to dream?
Questioning how much the reality we create for ourselves is one with our inner dreams, and how much of it is merely a social construct.

choreographer photo

Ula Wyss

As both a deep appreciator for the arts and someone with a philosophical mind, Ula strives to question society’s sense of “normal”. She’s a graduate from Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance, Munich, Germany and is now starting to explore the contemporary dance scene through her creations, as well as collaborations with both local and international artists.


  • Zara Jayne Marimuthu
  • Chua Hui Yu
  • Joelle Chan Qiao Wei
  • Amirah Hannah Binti Mohammed Redza

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3. SHE=Shhhhhh

"Aren’t you supposed to be quiet, listen and follow what was told? "

choreographer photo

Christine Chew Sie Theng

From Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. Started dance at the age of 13 in chinese classical dance and ballet. Graduate degree student from ASWARA class 2014 major in choreography.

Joined a full length Classical Indian Dance Drama Panchali Sabatham 2013, choreographed by a famous Classical Indian Dancer and choreographer Sri Shankar Kandasamy. Also completed a Bharatanatyam Arangetram, a solo debut in classical indian dance form in year 2014. Latest Bharatanatyam production (year 2017) with ASK Dance Company, production Crossing Boarders.

Joined productions such as Anugerah Juara Lagu ke-29 for Najwa and the Palauans, music video for Estrange and Aizat. International collaborations with Robin Cantrell from Battery Dance Company USA, the BOW project 2013 with Ng Mei-Yin (USA) and Cathy Seago (UK) , License to Thrill – The Bond Concert with singer David Shannon, Simon Bailey and Jaclyn Victor. Collaborated in a choreography production called Pandora, with a local artist and founder of New Gen Dance studio, Fione Chia.


  • Ng Po Qin

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4. Saudade

Desciption: (n.) a nostalgic longing to be near again to something or someone that is distant, or that has been loved and then lost; “the love that remains”

Our feelings, our stories, our history, our goals, our friendships, relationships and encounters in life is what moves us. We move to music and at the same time music moves us. Our intentions are set and we use imorovisation as the main source of this because we want it to be different everytime we perform, exploring the possibilities and restrictions of that exact moment. This piece is all about being in the moment, connect and trust. Sharing the stage with souls that moves and inspires you, having conversations through dance, body language and the beauty of movement. Enjoy.

choreographer photo

Puteri Aisya Marissa

Puteri Aisya Marissa who is known as Shasya, is a 24 year old dancer from Malaysia. She began her ballet training at the age of 4. Now she has endured in various styles of dance such as ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz, latin and also street dance. She has represented Malaysia in various dance competitions in Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, Australia and London. Besides that, she was was in the the champion team Red Lycans in Astro Battleground 2016. She is now working as a choreographer, movement director, freelance dancer and a dance instructor but at the same time she is now finishing her BA Honors Dance Degree in London.


  • Puteri Aisya Marissa
  • Ahmad Faiz Bin Ahmad Sabki
  • Chairil Bin Antonio Banagua
  • Muhammad Amirul Hafiz Bin Mohd Azlee

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5. Grow

A small plant growing up slowly, strongly and healthily

choreographer photo

Fione Chia Yan Wei

Fione Chia graduated from ASWARA with a Bachelor of Dance (Honours) in Choreography, where she was exposed to traditional Chinese, Malay, Indian, and contemporary dance. She has participated in many dance performances, festivals and competitions such as Dance Box (MyDance Alliance), MPO Seni Ensemble, Gerak, International Dance Day, Take off (Penang Performing Arts Centre),  Release 3.0 (Maya Dance Theatre, Singapore) and Guangdong Modern Dance Festival (Guangzhou, China) . Her choreography “Jin Zhu Long” was nominated for the Top 18 in the 7th No Ballet International Choreography Competition in Germany. Fione is currently a dance artist of Kwang Tung Dance Company, as well as founded New Gen D Studio. 

In November 2019, Fione has established New Gen D Studio, where she provides a platform to guide and teach the passionate young dancers on contemporary and traditional dance.


  • Low Hooi Yee
  • Chong Sammi
  • Deanne Lit Wei

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6. Ode to it

It came unexpectedly, it was uninvited; but when it refuses to budge, we move.

choreographer photo

Tan Bee Hung

LLB graduate. Active in the local and international dance scenes, have performed locally in Tari, MyDance Festival, Le French Arts Festival, SounDance by RAW Arts Space, and many of the performances held by Kwang Tung Dance Company; also internationally in Dancing in Asia (Indonesia), Festival Tokyo 2016 (Japan), Goyang International Dance Festival (Korea), the 5th no ballet International Choreography Competition (Germany), Guangdong Modern Dance Festival (Guangzhou, China), CONTACT: A Week of Dance (Singapore). Was selected to participate in the International Young Choreographer Program in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 2013 and 2015 SEA Choreolab in Rimbun Dahan. Have also collaborated with many local and international artists from various backgrounds. Constantly curious and always looking for ways to explore the connections of the body and breath, to space and time. A firm believer that human are natural movers. Currently a dancer, choreographer, dance and Pilates instructor.


  • Chan Wan Xin
  • Cindy Choong Shin Yee
  • Joelle Lee Qiao Leng
  • Ng Jing Hui

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7. kechil

If you know you know.

Choreographer 1:
Winnie Xuan

Winnie Xuan started dancing under Dua Space Dance Theatre Academy where she completed her RAD Advanced 2 and CSTD Grade 8 in Modern Jazz. She had the privilege to work with choreographer Leng Poh Gee for most of her dance experience and is currently a final year student in ASWARA, under the Faculty of Dance. She was involved in performances such as JAMU, Gelombang Baru, Tari’19 and recently performed Dancing In Place 2021 with Hwa Wei-An.

Choreographer 2:
Syamil Norzalahuddin

Syamil Norzalahuddin. A member of Orang Orang Drum Theatre since 2017. He graduated from Foundation in Creative Arts, ASWARA, leading him to venture into dancing and theatre. He performed in productions such as Gelombang Baru, JAMU and Tari’19. He continued working in other projects with choreographer Mohd Nuriqram including “Anak Angkat” in Dancing Alone, restaged in Dancebox 2019. He was also part of which won several BOH Cameronian Awards in 2020.

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To chase away the beast inside,
only if you give time;
As it takes TIME,
to burn, to drum, and yet to become…

choreographer photo

Leow Hui Min

Currently, a student of Master 1st year at University Bordeaux Montaigne in France. Study in Expérimentation et recherché dans les arts de la scène. Member of Orang Orang Drum Theatre since 2013 and Asia Butoh Tree Team since 2018.

Hui Min’s artistic journey started from drumming. He then went on to study theatre and also exposed himself to different types of dance training. Keep exploring performing arts by different mediums, working with different people, these are the way for him to understand arts and himself. Other than that, the idea of collaboration and cross-disciplinary are two key words for him during his personal research.

Credit List:

  • Video work, Co-director: Leow Hui Min and Jackey Chan
  • Videographer: Jackey Chan
  • Performer: Tai Chun Wai and Syamil
  • Produced by The Troubadour Theatre
  • Music by Orang Orang Drum Theatre

Music credit:

  • Title: 焚bakar
  • Composer:Boyz Chew, Zyee Leow 锯鼓- Cheah Her, Wai Kei, Amanda Yim, Jian Ru, Hui Min
  • Drum set (Jidor, 京鼓): Tai Chun Wai
  • Drum set (Jidor, Gendang): Boyz Chew
  • Mix set (Snare drum, pan wok, steel cup): Zyee Leow
  • O.P: Musictoxin Production
  • S.P: Universal Music Publishing Sdn. Bhd.

Supported by CENDANA Create Now Funding (Cultural Economy Development Agency) PENJANA


  • Tai Chun Wai
  • Syamil Norzalahuddin

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Production Team

Project Manager: Chai Vivan
Stage Manager: Joyce Chan Suet Mei
Lighting Technician: Lim Ang Swee
Sound Technician: Mathanakumar Murthi
Video Editor: Chai Vivan
Videographer: Jackey Chan
Crew: Goh Jen Nin

KLPAC Senior Theatre Manager: Lawrence Selvaraj
KLPAC Technical Manager: Mike Thomas

Special Thanks

  • Bilqis Hijjas
  • Wong Jyh Shyong

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