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Jan 2024

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Jan 2024

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Jan 2024

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Embark on a journey into the heart of dance in Malaysia with Asia Ballet Academy, a leading ballet academy founded in August 2018. Committed to shaping the next generation of classically trained ballet dancers, the academy follows the revered Russian Vaganova method. ABA mission is clear: to ensure that ballet takes its rightful place in every Malaysian's heart. ABA provides individualized, technically specialized training while instilling moral standards and values in to the students.

In parallel, Asia Ballet Theatre, born alongside the academy, serves as a springboard for emerging dance talents. This semi-professional ballet company goes beyond conventional boundaries, seamlessly blending classical and contemporary ballet with diverse art forms like film, music, photography, and fashion. Members not only refine their dance skills but also gain hands-on experience in production.

Asia Ballet Academy and Asia Ballet Theatre unite in elevating Malaysia's dance and performing arts scene. The academy nurtures future dance leaders, while the theatre creates innovative performances, showcasing impeccable technique, boundless energy, and professionalism on stage.  Together, Asia Ballet Academy and Asia Ballet Theatre shape the ballet landscape in Malaysia.  

Explore more about ABA & ABT journey on the website or social media @asiaballetacademy.

环念. 生生不息


Ivy Chung

Ivy Chung, a distinguished figure in the world of ballet, embarked on her professional journey at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 1989. Graduating with Highest Distinction in 1993, she earned an Overseas Scholarship from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund.

Her career as a professional dancer unfolded with the Universal Ballet Company of Korea, Ontario Ballet Theater, and the Hong Kong Ballet, collaborating with renowned artists like Galina Kekisheva and Wayne Eagling. Notably, Ivy founded the Ivy Chung School of Ballet and Ivy’s Ballet Company in 2002, making significant contributions to the dance scene in Hong Kong.

Her accolades include three Favorite Dancer Awards and the prestigious Award for Outstanding Dance Artist from the Hong Kong Dance Federation in 2018. Ivy expanded her impact by founding Asia Ballet Academy in Malaysia in 2017, emphasizing the Vaganova method.

In 2014, Ivy established Canaan Dance, an international dance education organization, orchestrating workshops, auditions, and the Star of Canaan Dance International Ballet Competition. Her students actively engage in charitable events, showcasing their talents for various causes.

In 2023, Ivy demonstrated her artistic prowess in Malaysia, bringing together 100 young dancers from 13 countries with the support of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture. Her commitment to fostering international collaboration and elevating Malaysian dancers to global standards reflects Ivy's unwavering dedication and pivotal role in shaping the global dance landscape.

Kenny Shim

Award winning choreographer, Kenny Shim completed his BA in Contemporary Dance at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, and subsequently his Post Grad at London Contemporary Dance School (Masters in Contemporary Dance Performance). He joined the EDge Dance Company (London) 2016. During his training in the U.K., Kenny has worked with choreographers and company’s members from around Europe such as Wayne McGregor, Tom Roden, Alexander Whitley, Phillipe Blanchard, Gary Lambert, Alison Curtis-Jones, Lea Anderson, Joseph Toonga, Jeanne Yasko and Fred Ghedrig. Establishing himself in Malaysia, he has choreographed over 20 shows, working collaboratively with directors, composers, scientist, mathematicians and multimedia artistes, exploring new and fresh ideas through the lens of contemporary dance.


Kenny Shim Dance Collective (KSDC) founded in 2017 is a company of trained dancers who are now based in Malaysia for the purpose to produce contemporary dance production that are dynamic, theatrical, relevant, and assessable.

KSDC strive to build an international network of dance practitioners by various connections to enrich the contemporary dance community through collaborative projects, workshops, productions, and company exchanges.


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